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Thread: Ftm 2019

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    Quote Originally Posted by Katarzyna View Post
    I understood that those who already have 2017 that there would be a free upgrade to 2019 later this year.

    This is from Family Tree Maker facts:

    Q: I've recently purchased FTM 2017 with a special offer to receive FTM 2019 as a free upgrade, is there anything I need to do?

    A: Don't worry, we have your purchase recorded, and will email you information on how to pick up your free copy once we release the new edition. This applies to those of you who took advantage of a special upgrade offer we sent out late April or purchased FTM 2017 at any of our shows since RootsTech this past March.
    There is a discussion of this on the FB page today, many people asking the same thing. If you bought the product on that offer (which was for people who didn’t already have FTM or theirs was too old to upgrade) then yes, you will get the 2019 upgrade free. Folks like me who bought the product in the back end of last year will not get the freebie.

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    ah well, I read further and as Tom was paying purchased it, we will see.


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    Here’s the answer I got from a senior contributor this morning.

    “Yes, the "antenna tree" that's continuously updated in a user's TreeVault account is what the FTM Connect app points to and displays. And in reverse, in the first dot release your relatives will be able to send back notes that will appear on your Family Tree Maker tree in your Mac or PC with comments on your tree -- if you got something wrong or missed someone, etc. All that works by having your tree in TreeVault, and will stop working a year after the release of FTM 2019 if you decide not to subscribe.
    Also note that these are the first four features to be completed and ready for final beta testing for release -- and ones that we thought were interesting and representative of the broad range of services that are brough together in TreeVault. There are more already in development and our job over the next year is to make the services valuable enough to be worth paying the equivalent of $1.65 a month ($19.95 divided by 12 months). Hope that helps.”

    At today’s interbank rate that’s £15.55 and probably subject to VAT so likely £18.66 per annum
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