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Thread: Help with finding a birth certificate for an adoptee

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    Help with finding a birth certificate for an adoptee


    This does relate to a living person, so I’ll try not to breach any privacy rules.

    I’ve been trying to locate the birth certificate for my grandma, who was adopted age 9 months, in Wiltshire. I have ordered two possible certificates - neither were her.

    The adoption certificate states her date of birth (in June 1942) and her name as Jennifer Anne. She believes her biological mother’s name was Beaumont. She knows nothing of her biological father.

    There is no Jennifer A. Beaumont born in 1942, and although there is an illegitimate child named Jennifer Beaumont, she was born in September 1942. There was also an illegitimate child named Brenda Beaumont, but that was not my grandma either.

    I’d appreciate any help looking around. It’s possible my grandma has the surname confused with something similar, like Beaufort for example. I also don’t know if her name was changed before the adoption perhaps. It appears that she was probably born to an unwed mother, although I’m not entirely sure.

    I don’t want to put my grandma to all the trouble of applying for all the records. If anyone could give me a few suggestions of births that could be her based off of what I’ve said here, that would be great. I have recently come into a bit of money, so I don’t mind buying up a few.

    I’d appreciate any help!


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    Is that illegitimate cert. one of the two you have already purchased?
    If not, your Gran could well be the one registered in September as J B. Remember that the Sep part of the birth index is only telling you that the registration took place in the September or 3rd quarter of the year. This covers births registered in July, August and September. For a child born in June that would be the likely quarter unless the birth was early in June and/or the mother was very quick off the mark in registering a birth that took place nearer the end of June.
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    Apart from the illegitimate one born in Huddersfield there are two more J B born in 1942 both of them in Yorkshire, same county as the illegitimate one. One in July and one in October. Have you checked those?

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    I have ordered:

    Brenda Beaumont, born in Spen Valley Apr-May-Jun (illegitimate)
    Jennifer Beaumont, born in Huddersfield Jul-Aug-Sep (illegitimate)

    I’ll check the Jennifer Beaumont born in July! There’s a chance it could be her, as most of my grandparents were registered within a month of their birth, so it’s possible. Thanks! I think the October birth is a little too late.

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    Wouldn't the July Birth be Sep registration? and the October one December Registration?
    Does she know the date of her Birth ?
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    Yes, that’s right. She was born in the first week of June, as is stated on her adoption certificate. I’ve sent off for the one in Upper Agbrigg District in Jul-Aug-Sep 1942 (mother’s maiden name Eastwood) as well as the one in Oct-Nov-Dec 1942 for Jennifer A. Beaumont in Hereford, although I doubt that’s her as the birth would’ve been registered very late.

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    Don't discount that the mother could have been a married woman with the maiden name of Beaumont or variation. 1942 was during WW2, lots of relationships in turmoil and one night stands resulting in pregnancies. This happened in my friend's case - she was the result of a fling between a married woman and a US airman, who was named on the birth cert. The BC also had the married surname and maiden name of the mother. When a couple of months old, friend was placed in a children's home in another part of the country and eventually adopted at the age of 18 months in yet another authority. By the time I became involved, friend had already procured a copy of her BC through Social Services.
    Janet in Yorkshire

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    Don't want to put a downer on things but it seems unlikely she was given the name Jennifer at birth. Most adopters change the child's forename unless it's an in family adoption.


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    I did consider the married woman hypothesis. That’s a difficult one to look for. If these two are discounted when they arrive, I’ll have to look into possibilities of that.

    I did consider that the forename had been changed. I did look at Brenda Beaumont who was born around the same time, and to a single mother, but that turned out not to be her. Thankfully there weren’t many illegitimate children born with the surname Beaumont that year. But yes, she might have been born legitimate with a different name.

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    She should start by obtaining a copy of her adoption papers - they will information about her mother , and possibly the father too. Contact the adoptions services team at her local authority for advice or through GRO :
    I am a professional researcher, and ex- deputy registrar, based in Buckinghamshire - please contact me for any help/advice or research via PM or my website
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