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Thread: Setting correct date and time

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    Setting correct date and time

    I have Family Tree Maker 2017 and when I do the update for it, it always says that it is up to date.

    I had a distant cousin who died yesterday, April 13 2019. I entered that new info to his record and I got a pop-up message that told me I had entered a date in the future.

    I've checked everywhere on my Family Tree Maker and I can't find where there might be an option to check what date it's set for.

    Any ideas?

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    I created a fake person and entered today as their birthdate, which would be April 15 2019 and once again received the "you have entered a date in the future" message. I tried other dates in 2019 and the message didn't start appearing until I entered March 30 2019. So it appears that it thinks today's date should be March 29, 2019. Is there any way to change this?

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    I'm not seeing a way to edit my post, so that's why I've posted twice in a row after my first post. Here is a screenshot:

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    sierradane - I have no answer to your FTM query but you may not have realised that in this forum, you only have ten minutes from originally posting to edit that post, then the timeout kicks in and you need to start a new post. It ain’t you, it’s just the system

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    I have tested my software and I can add a new person with today's date. I did have a google and can't find an answer, but did find someone with same problem a while back, sadly no help!

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    how about checking the stop showing these messages box? at least it should show the date whether its in the future or not.


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    are you in the USA ? maybe the time difference is affecting it


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    You would be better off contacting MacKiev as they are the publishers of FTM 2017, they have an excellent messaging system.
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