If anyone has space in their timetable on a visit to TNA, I'd be grateful if you cold help our church & museum in getting more detail about a person buried in our graveyard:
Albert André François JULLION, who I have found was b 15 Nov 1909 in Calais, and died 12 Jan 1962 Willesden General Hospital.
He's buried in our churchyard and, after a family member raised a technical query about graveyard rules, I was intrigued and started to research his name.
I found some theatre references in the British Newspaper Archive (including some acting) - one of which (Worthing Gazette of 24 Sep 1947) suggests that he was with the French Resistance, during WW2. The latter reference is in connection with him having designed the tapestries used in the film “Jassy", starring Margaret Lockwood. His name appears in IMDb as a scenery designer for a number of significant films, with Big Names.
Our National Archives have a couple of records on him, one of which [TNA HO 405/25261 - the application papers, which probably have much more detail] has an explcitly restricted opening date of 1 Jan 2058 (so I doubt that we'd get access to that), but his naturalisation cert [HO 334/412/48859] seems to be available, but just not digitised yet:
Naturalisation Certificate: Albert Andre Francois Jullion. From France. Resident in London. Certificate BNA48859 issued 26 November 1957.
We're just trying to get all our graveyard information up-to-date, especially with regard to honouring those who fought in the two world wars. If anyone can help us by getting us an image of that extra documentation, I'd be very grateful.

I've also got myself an account with the French National Archives, to see if they have anything about this interesting gentleman.