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Thread: Paupers grave

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    Paupers grave

    Here is a link for one of my great great grandparents burials - as there are three or more per grave would you say these are pauper graves?

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    Not an expert on this but I think paupers graves are all filled up within a day or two. I have some with as many as 15 children in but all buried very close together. Some of the graves have the same surnames buried together and they other people could be family members. My dads eldest sister who died aged 3 was buried with a couple of her cousins but all with different surnames.

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    I'd agree with Lin. Those look like ordinary family plots. Paupers graves tended to be several people over the course of a day or two.

    In some places they have started to reuse old plots where the last occupant was buried over 100 years ago. But it doesn't look like that's what's happening here.

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    Most of the graves are listed as not bought.
    After a period of time, the ground would be reused, probably by a family with no links to those previously buried.

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    Gwyn, yes just realised this is what it is! Ive emailed them as it says if i do they could give me a map shiwing where her plot is! Thanks all!
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    Good to hear that they may locate a grave for you.

    I found a previous thread, where reuse was discussed............


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