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    what does it mean in the far right next to Clara Biggs? says no trace of death Index?


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    I have no idea!

    The implication is that "someone" was attempting to update the Register, either during the war or after the NHS took it over in 1947, that they knew she was dead but couldn't find her in the Death Index (?? GRO).

    I looked on FMP, thinking it might be easier to work out .................

    the transcript is .............

    Biggs Household (4 People) 7 Bennett Grove , Greenwich, London, England
    John Biggs 23 Feb 1888 Street Hawker Green Grocery
    Clara Biggs 20 Aug 1906 Unpaid Domestic Duties
    Alice R Biggs 03 Sep 1918 Laundry Folder
    Hilda L Scales (Biggs) 07 Apr 1922 Laundry Folder

    It's very strange ........... her birth year seems to have been changed, and there are various other marks.

    It looks on FMP as if her birth year was 86, changed to 88, then 6 or 16 written above ............... the transcriber has read the year as 06. Then the No Trace Death Index written in the right hand column.

    My suggestion ..............

    86 or 88 seems to be the more likely birth year if she was John's wife ...... 1906 is certainly too young for her to be the mother of either Alice or Hilda.

    I wonder if they tried to find her death when the Register was handed over to the NHS in 1947 and the NHS were trying to update it??

    It would make sense that if they knew she was dead (eg John told them), they would want to make that notation, BUT if they were looking for a death of Clara Biggs born 1906, they wouldn't find her

    Does that make sense?????
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    Yes looks like you are right ,she was born 31 Aug 1885 and died Mar 1948 Greenwich , all very odd, sometimes I hate my lot.
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