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Thread: Help with 1851 census

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    Help with 1851 census

    Can anyone find the 1851 census for Stephen Musgrave

    Born 1775 Crofton Yorkshire
    I have him on the 1841 and 1861 census. His wife Martha died in 1844 and he was in the workhouse in the 1861 census.

    Thank you for any help

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    Sorry but can only find the 2 you have. There is a tree on ancestry with only those 2 census on. Probably yours though.

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    Surname obviously apt to mis-spelling!!

    Musgreave in 1841

    Musgraves in 1861
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    I looked and tried various spellings and wild cards, found just the 2 you have.

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    Also interested in Proctor, Woodruff

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    Thank you all very much for trying. I will keep looking

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    There is a damaged census page in 1851 that may be him. All I can make out is part of the surname - usgr - but he's 74, born Crofton, and is a Pauper - Coal Miner.

    He's lodging at 107 Wortley Street, Barnsley with George Coates & family. Census Ref is HO107, Piece 2332, Folio 477, Page 25
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    Ah! If it is the Barnsley area there are bits of the 1851 census which got lost. I have family in Barnsley and Dodworth. Sometimes I find myself searching on the 1851 before remembering that they will not be found.

    My own ggg grandfather is on the 1841 in Dodworth but 'conveniently' died in January 1861 having remarried during that time! I did eventually find out where he was born but it was from wills and newspapers not the census. There were three possible people of his name and age in the area ... it took a while to sort them out!

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    Thank you. I think the damaged bits is him. He ends up in the workhouse and there were miners in his family


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