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Thread: FTM 2017 Facts question

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    FTM 2017 Facts question

    I've looked at the help files but can't find what I'm looking for. Hoping someone can tell me how to do what I need.

    I imported a tree to 2017 from 2006 version.

    In the tree view page for a person, over to the right is a panel which shows various tabs such as facts, notes etc. Name, sex, age, birth, marriage and death facts are shown but I know that I in my original 2006 version tree, I have loads more facts for each person. In 2006, when I click on 'edit an individual' and then the 'facts' tab in 2006, all facts that I have entered for a person are shown.

    How can I have all facts show by default in the panel in FTM 2017?

    Hoping that makes sense.
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    Use the 'customize View' button at the bottom of the panel.
    I have baptism details viewing, as sometimes they are baptised a few years after birth and it helps when viewing later records
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    UPDATE - That did the trick. Thank you again Trevor.


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