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Thread: Searching For Irish Birth Certificate

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    Searching For Irish Birth Certificate

    Is there anyone who can help me with this please?

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    What date was the birth? Eire or Northern Ireland? If you give a couple of pointers, I'm sure someone on the forum will then be able to point you in the right direction.
    Have you looked in our reference library - left hand tab on the top bar under the name of the forum? Lots of useful info and links to relevant websites. (From the menu box on the left, try British Isles.)

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    Statutory birth registration only started in Ireland in 1864. Birth certificates for all of Ireland up to 1916 can be viewed free on the irishgenealogy site (click on civil records):

    Post 1916 it gets more complicated, and since 1922 the records for Northern Ireland have been kept separately.

    So the year & general location matter. If it was post 1916, let me know what information you have and I’ll explain what you do next.

    If searching in the early years of registration a lot of children were registered without a name. (A few are neo-natal cases, but with a lot the parents just hadn’t decided on a name by the time they registered the birth. So it was left blank). So if you don’t find the birth at first search, try searching with “unknown” as the forename.
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    I am based in Co. Antrim and undertake research in Northern Ireland. Please feel free to contact me for help or advice via PM.


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