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Thread: Diocese of Rochester Marriage Licences

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    Diocese of Rochester Marriage Licences

    Does anyone have access to the Diocese of Rochester Marriage Licences? I know that the Kent Family History Society published a set of microfiches in 1983 detailing marriage licences from 1637 to 1783. Are they online anywhere? I am looking for the marriage licence of Thomas Lukyn and Sarah Huntington who were married at Beckenham, Kent in either 1729 or 1730. Any information would be much appreciated! Thank you.

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    Not much to add. No image.

    On FMP
    West Kent Marriage Index, Beckenham Marriages

    Sara Huntington

    Marriage 28/06/1730

    Thomas Lukyn



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    Thank you, yes I've seen the entry on FMP but I'm looking for the detail from the marriage licence.

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    Well, Vera said the image was NOT on FMP

    and anyway, I'm not sure what else might be on the actual Parish Register at that time ............ most of the ones that I have seen have only added "of this Parish" or "of the Parish of xxxxxx". No other family names.
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    No I don't expect there would be anything else in the actual parish register that is why I am looking for the marriage licence.


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