There are several Mr Crowther's born in Whitby that one could be Bubblebell. Thank you for looking though

I don't think the railway man is him Val as he would have been very young and away from home in the Birmingham area. There are also other George Henry Crowther's born much closer to Birmingham. The one in the army looks a bit more likely. What happened to the days when you could see the 1st world war records on line?

When I posted this I was trying to solve a puzzle and I thought the 1901 of George Henry might help. Something happened yesterday though that solved the puzzle, so as I know so much about George Henry already the 1901 isn't so desperate now. It would of course be lovely to know where he was but I suspect he had either been left off or very badly mis-transcribed.

When I have checked some new information out on this family I may possibly be back asking for more help on another name