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Thread: Finding a marriage ...

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    I think Glen is probably right. He is listed as George in 1911 but in 1939 it has been altered to Reginald George.
    p.s. In 1939 they have his year of birth as 1912 but I believe it must have been given in error.
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    I think Glen is spot on

    Birth 4/8/1908
    death Q3 1984 Wallingford 20/2325
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    Looking for Ward, Moore, Hunt, Warren...and who was Gertrude Wills

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    1939 register


    You've all been helpful so far this week so another one to look at if you would be so kind

    I'm after Clifford Garlick b.1921, Windsor, Berkshire. He joined the army in 1941 but can't see him on the 1939 register!

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