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Thread: Help please ww1 MIC

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    Help please ww1 MIC

    Has anybody who has access to military records on Ancestry or FMP, could possibly post pictures of medal records for Robert Gardner born 1.10.1896 kirkintilloch, Scotland. He was in the Royal Navy Division from Oct 1914 until he was demobbed in 1919. Thanks in advance

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    Yes that's the correct Robert gardner

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    have pmd you
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    this one has got repeated sorry
    thats all I can find
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    I'm having a bit of a stab in the dark here, I've still not been able to come across any actual index cards for medals for Robert although it does state on his record card above that he was awarded the good conduct badge and the 1914-1915 star trio, would he have also received the victory medal at the end of the war.

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    But it was usually mailed to the men after the war was over.

    Sometimes you can be lucky enough to find that the war record is complete enough to contain the signed card that had to be returned stating that the man had received the medal in the mail.

    But, as you know, it is rare to find complete records for servicemen in WW1 and you are very lucky when you do find such. I was lucky with my grandfather's record, which is how I know about the card.
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    Just a thought - do the MICs in the Ancestry database include awards to men who served in the navy & the RFC/RAF????
    I can't find a MIC for the father of my friend who started off in the army, but in 1918 transferred to the air force.
    I don't know the answer, hence my question.

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