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Thread: Detective needed to find lily

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    Looking at Thomas's marriage 1905, L. Johnston signs as a witness. Any idea if this is Lottie or Lily?

    Looking for Ward, Moore, Hunt, Warren...and who was Gertrude Wills

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    Hi Elaine, could be either, Lily was 4 years older than Lottie, in 1905 Lily would have been 23 and Lottie 19. Elder sister gets priority?

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    Was hoping you had the sister's marriage to try and pinpoint which one signed, otherwise have drawn a blank

    Looking for Ward, Moore, Hunt, Warren...and who was Gertrude Wills

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    Thomas was married in the March Qtr 1905. Lottie in Sept Qtr 1905 so still either Lottie or Lily as witness.
    Baffles me why there is no record of Lily after 1901 census, how can she disappear so completely? The only thing that I can think of is that she changed her name.

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    Or gone to Scotland or somewhere abroad?

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    Could not find a record of her to USA/Canada. There is a Lily Johnston in the 1911 Scottish Census in Fife, age is 1 year out, could be a possibility but I dont have any credits to look at it!

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    I can see three Lily Johnstons' in 1911 in Scotland aged between 30 and 32 but no in Fife? They are in Bonnybridge Stirling (30) - Bridgeton Lanark (31) and Galashiels Selkirk (32).

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    Wonder if she was in the Asylum

    This is Birmingham's Asylum, Rubery at Rednal, Worcs

    Lily Johnson admitted 1906 discharged 1909 not having improved.

    Not sure what the reg district is for that area ? a death. A forum questioner has it as Kings Norton.


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    I had another look at Scotlandspeople, Lily Johnston age 27 in 1911 RD Dysart, County Fife. She was born at the end of 1882 but this is the closest to her age.

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    There is a family rumour that she attempted to stab someone so she may have gone into an Asylum. Thereafter?


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