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Thread: Detective needed to find lily

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    Hi Val, this could be the break through that I need! Is this a British newspaper or Canadian? Lily,s brother Thomas Edward was living in Toronto in 1915. Lily may have joined him.

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    Hi Val, I see that this is a British Newspaper, seems to me that the marriage was in Canada? I looked at Canada marriages on Familysearch but could not find anything, I cant check Ancestry, I dont have a sub.

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    Yes it is a British Newspaper, it says they have heard from Amos in Canada, and as it says he is going to marry a Lily Johnston on the 18 September , and they dont say the year, I would assume its the same year of the newspaper article?? ,looks like they married in Canada.


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    they did marry in Canada I just found Amos Russells army record this is part of it ,if you want the whole record let me know tomorrow
    Lily Johnston M.jpg


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    he is Amos Cornelius Russell born 1889 Aston Warwickshire.


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    1921 Canada Census ,sorry dont have worldwide, somebody might

    Amos Russell
    Lily Russell
    England abt 1889
    city Montreal (Maisonneuve) Quebec


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    Have hit another snag! Found them in the 1921 Can. census in Quebec, problem is that Lily was born 1881/1882, this Lily was born in 1892. Bother!

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    How annoying! Have looked birth indexes and there are a couple of Lily Johnson that are likely the wife of Amos so more confirmation that age in census is correct and she’s not yours. Also your Lily’s parents were established church marriage, St Augustine of Canterbury in Rosemont, Montreal is a Roman Catholic Church.

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    what a shame, will have another look



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