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Thread: Fibre Broadband too fast

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    The Engineer that came today finally found the fault on the line, took him from 3.30pm till 7.40pm today, and it was not where the other 8 had said, it was the other direction.


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    Hope you are fully up to speed now Val.

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    Thanks its only taken them 4 months to find it , they did cap the speed, as the line was so bad, and so far from the Junction, so whether or not it can be reinstated, shall know today.


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    well after all that its been dropping off tonight too, am just about finished.


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    well after all this time they finally found the problem , this was the only Engineer who checked properly , found it yesterday and two men came today ,and sorted it, so fingers crossed.


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    Glad it's sorted, but what a long time to wait.

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    Hope it stays sorted this time, Val. What was the problem in the end?

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    Two problems, one was water getting in a box just outside the front Garden, was covered in moss ,which they fixed but the problem still appeared, so back they came another 3 times, until one who checked everything, found a join.
    He noticed one end was grey the other brown, thought it odd so gave it a good checking over, it was that plus it was much too near the surface, so they stripped it out and replaced ,and made sure its not so near the surface this time, as they think the Farmer may have driven over it in his Tractor and squashed it.
    I am just waiting now for another credit, its mounting up.


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    Fingers crossed then!

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    thnks Anne it has been so frustrating, as none of them agreed with the others.



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