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Thread: FTM 2017 for Mac - prices

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    FTM 2017 for Mac - prices

    I have bitten the bullet today and bought a 2nd hand as good as new MacBookPro.
    Now is the time to get my FTM up to date as I’m still on 2006.
    I have had little joy on price comparison websites looking to get the best deal. The only thing was a link to MyHistory and they were selling it full price DVD version for £89.95 - yikes!!
    The best I have come up with in a general Google search was a link to upgrade deals on mackiev’s own site. They are offering a DVD version for £69.95 but I’m not sure of a few things.
    1. My previous version is Windows so will this upgrade dvd work for me or will it fail on install?
    2. There seems to be a load of expensive add ins like Charting Companion which previously I had as part of the package. Should I buy this?
    3. It now seems that if I want to install on up to 3 pcs, it will cost me £20 extra for the privilege. My old version allowed me to install wherever I wanted.
    4. Am I right in thinking the dvd now comes with both Windows and Mac versions on it and you choose which you want at installation? As I still have a Windows laptop which I intend keeping for a good while till I am sure I can get on with the Mac environment, a choice of install would be great which might tempt me to part with the extra cash for up to 3 machines.

    If anybody can help with the above, I would be most grateful. If it turns out that I can’t use the upgrade for the reason mentioned in 1., and I need a full version, where can I get the best price?

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    Have now got answers to 3. and 4.
    I don’t need a family licence as long as I am the only login/account that uses the software so I can safely install it on my laptops. The dvd will have both Mac and Windows versions on it.
    Have contacted mackiev support for answers to the first two questions plus the price. Was a lot of clicking trying to find a support option that covered what I wanted to know and had a window open up to write in.
    Still interested in what price folks have paid for their copies and did you purchase any extras?

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    am pming you


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