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Thread: Which Children Belong to Who?

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    Which Children Belong to Who?

    Hello from Roanoke, Virginia: (Version 2017) Down in the "family panel" children, that is below the tree, in the second column marked with a #, how can one change those "little people"? I went to "HELP" and it says when a spouse is added and the gender is selected something is suppose to pop up (I guess) and click the phrase that says "This person is a parent of the children listed" then click OK. In the last version of the program, I believe I remember, I could select something just to change the "little people".

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    Can you take a screen shot and post it on here so we can see exactly what you are looking at?

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    Welcome to Family Tree Forum nrandel I have moved your thread to the Family Tree Software section as I assume you are talking about your tree on some kind of software?


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