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Thread: Gimp photo editing help.

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    Gimp photo editing help.

    I have been using Gimp for many years to edit photos but recently when I save a photo by importing, I get a message saying "J Peg image plug in could not save image" . Does anyone know how I can save the image in the J Peg format please.

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    Problem solved.

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    Might be a good idea to share how you did it for future reference...

    I have moved from Photoshop to GIMP and am enjoying the challenge though it can be frustrating when it doesn't work in the same way.

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    The solution was a very simple one although it took me three days to work it out. I just imported the edited picture to One Drive and then cut and pasted it into my picture folder. I have no idea why the problem started because I have been using Gimp for years before this error message happened.


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