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Thread: FTM 2017 on Mac and PC

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    FTM 2017 on Mac and PC

    I have changed from PC to Mac - no major problems with software but:
    My trees are saved on a network drive so I can access and backup from either computer.
    These were all created on a PC and I have just opened on the Mac. Basic tree appears OK but media links seem broken and the colour coding takes 24 hours to load! MacKiev have replicated the second of these and say they will look at for next update.
    Are the FTM files for Mac and PC the same or should I have done some conversion first?

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    No idea Terry but I will be keeping an eye on this post for answers as I too am thinking of a change of laptop to a Mac and would like to know the pitfalls re: FTM.

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    I have moved your thread to the Family Tree Software section Terry as I thought you might get more help here.

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    Ftm 2017

    Thanks Chrissy. I hadn't seen the FTM section.

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    Hi all. Anyone else using FTM 2017 on new Mac with Mojave OS?
    Apart from my problems with the media and colour coding I now find it will not do a manual back up or compact.
    Auto backup on closing seems to be working but not the manual one!
    Maybe I have an odd set up with the files on a NAS external network drive, but that should in theory make no difference - all linked on a Gigabyte network.
    Anyone having similar problems or any help?

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