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Thread: Father's Military Record

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    Hello Mike,
    Nice to hear from you again. Did you ever find any other living relatives from all the info you had last time? Would love to know how you got on.

    Very little WW2 Army Service Personnel online but you can apply for your father's record as you are next of kin - costs £30

    This takes you direct to the info you need:

    Two forms to fill in.
    Hi Katarzyna

    Things have moved along quite satisfactorily, except for a massive sad occurrence, my wife of 51 years passed away in June after a very painful illness lasting 2 years.

    She told me to continue and expand on what I was doing before her illness and that included genealogy (and golf).

    I attended an amateur family history class and eventually was asked to help with the teaching, a very limited volunteer role. I learned a great deal from yourself and others on the Forum and those in the class thought I knew more than they did so I agreed to help.

    Recently, one of the class asked if I could find out about Wills and Probate, so I did.

    I thought I’d have a go with a real person so I chose my FATHER, him of 2 surnames etc. Cecil Walter Stevens (or Wilson).

    I did the research and acquired his Will. My real mother’s name was KATHLEEN. My father left her when I was born, moved to Sheffield and re-married another KATHLEEN.

    In his will, he left his estate to her, but in the event of her death to his DAUGHTER, L***** F****** C*****. So I have another half-sister that I knew nothing about. (I already knew a half-sister who my mother had following my birth, with another man).

    So now I have two half-sisters. (Does that make one whole sister? I jest)

    The Will was dated in 1979 and was when my father died.

    There was an address on the Will for L*****. I wrote to that address and received a reply from the current occupant saying that he had been at that address since 1983 and he had never heard of a L****. Her name on the Will is L**** F****** C*****, presumably her married name?.

    Interestingly my father didn’t leave his estate to his first born son, B***** who he took with him to Sheffield.

    Again, good to hear from you. Quite coincidentally I’m about the leave home to go to the family history course where I will be talking briefly about the Family Tree Forum. You’ll get a mention!

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    Mike I have had to remove some names living people in line with the terms & conditions if this forum, anyone who would like to assist with your search for a living relative can pm you.

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    Sorry Jill. I had forgotton about that restriction.


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