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Thread: Fareham War Memorial, Hampshire

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    I've already hassled them about him, but no joy as none of them remember him. I'm 99.99% certain that he is from there as there is an old wooden memorial that they had in the school that mentions him too. Just need to dind out his name and hopefully the rest will fall into place.

    My next step is to try and work out if there is some sort of alumni stored away in some resource somewhere.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Caroline View Post
    Have you tried any of the links on our South Africa page?

    I had a quick search of NAAIRS just now with no luck but you need to search the other archives separately these days. Perhaps can help you out.
    I am in email communication with South Africa as I have found a reference to a P Mainwaring applying for free 2nd Class passage to England for self and family dated 1903. It's a bit of a stab in the dark, but fingers crossed for a reply indicating that I can purchase a copy of this record.

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    Fingers are crossed, am involved with a memorial for the 3 surrounding villages where I live so wishing you all the best for some results.

    Looking for Ward, Moore, Hunt, Warren...and who was Gertrude Wills

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    A G Barber, 2nd Lieutenant, Royal Garrison Artillery, WW1

    This has now been sorted:-

    2nd Lieutenant Frank William Barber, 26th Heavy Battery, RGA
    Born 20/02/1888 St Matthews, Ipswich
    Son of William and Alice Barber
    Enlisted: Ipswich (29/01/1908)
    Formerly Corporal 28157, of the 35th Battery, RGA
    Resided at Fort Nelson, Fareham, Hampshire

    Just the initials were incorrect. That made him much harder to trace.

    So he qualifies by being part of 26th Heavy Battery and residing at Fort Nelson, Fareham.

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