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Thread: what year would this be?

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    Post what year would this be?

    well I have quite often said I hadnt seen any pictures of my grandparents and now a cousin has sent me a picture he found with his mums belongings but we are not sure if it is our great grandfather or great great grandfather. If we could narrow down the year and work out the age of the gentleman it would be an educated guess which one he is.

    Oh my its not letting me add a picture from computer. Need to work out how to do this now

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    yay I done it. Didnt think we were using photobucket anymore but it worked ok for me this time
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    How wonderful to have a generous cousin, you must be so pleased

    Looking in the FTF Costume Gallery there is a family photo from Tom for 1899 which has a similar jacket with a high top button, and I have one of my 2x ggrandfather who died 1894 in a similar style (his photo also has that "faded out" effect round the sides). That said, some people hang on to a style for years, I can think of some older gents alive now who decline to follow fashion!

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    He looks good and fit so quite difficult to say an age. Could be 50 to 70? Looks very pleased with himself LOL

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    my 2 candidates are
    James Freed 1832-(1878) so maybe not him as he died before the suggested date of 1899

    Edward Freed 1866-1927 but edward would only be 33.

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    this is actually a smaller version than the original. It was sent with a letter from a relation to my dads cousin and its her son that has found it amongst her possessions. The letter implies that it is a photo of the original as its been made smaller.

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    I am leaning towards Edward as his son and daughter both married 1895. Edward Freed married Hannah Freeman and Harry Freed married Eliza Freeman.....and they all lived next door but one to each other. So thats why he was looking pleased!

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    well compare

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    As the sack suit was popular from about 1860 - 1900 I doubt it would be Edward as he would have been too young and doubt that unless he was extremely poor he would be wearing a suit like that in the 1920's. That man looks to be at least 50 or older. Could it be a great great uncle instead of the grandfather?

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    I dont know Kat. Trying to see if I can find the person that this originally came from. I think it rules out james as he was only 46 when he died. It must be a Freed as the letter that was with the photo implies that it is a common relation to the sender and recipient.


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