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Thread: Wedding Photograph Etiquette

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    Wedding Photograph Etiquette

    Hi All,

    I have a wedding photograph which could be taken anywhere between 1930 and 1950. There are only 11 people in the photograph which appears to show the bride and groom, 4 males & females around the same age as the bride and groom (which coud be brothers and sisters of the bride and groom), parents of both the bride and groom and one unknown male.

    The bride and groom are in the centre of the photograph with the bride on the right and the groom on the left as you look at the photo.

    Was there any sort of wedding photograph etiquette so that anybody to the right of the bride is from the brides family and anybody to the left of the groom is from the grooms family?


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    Yes I would say that was quite common but not a set 'rule'. Who the people were may entirely depend on who was alive, who was at the wedding and the actual photo setup. For example there could have been a photo with friends of the couple, or other relatives and guests.

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