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Thread: FTM 2017 - Historical Events

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    FTM 2017 - Historical Events

    It appears that changes I made to the Historical Events in the previous version of FTM have been lost (?), presumably when upgrading to the 2017 Version ?.

    Fortunately I kept my 'four pages' copy of the Historical Events list put together in 2016. Unable to print out direct from FTM the Historical Events so that I can then edit to my own preferences, in 2016 I was able to 'copy & paste' 14 of the Events at a time into my Desktop Program in order to produce my own complete list of Historical Events within FTM to review and edit as preferred.

    It seems that with the 2017 Edition, I cannot either print out a copy of what Historical Events are within the program direct from FTM, or, action a slower 'copy & paste' action working down the Events.

    Does anyone have any ideas how best one can review and edit the Historical Events?


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    Just an update for anyone reading the question with similar issues.

    I have just had a response from FTM Customer Support and it seems neither is it currently possible to print out all Historical Events currently within the program, but also, the more long winded 'copy & paste' action of 14 Events at a time into an external program.

    It was suggested that I select the Timeline Report as normal but then in the Report Options, just have a tick in Historical Events only. Trouble is then it would not select Events that I feel should be in the 'World' Category so they are included in my mainly British Ancestors.

    I have now submitted a Feature Request to MacKiev.


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    they seem pretty good at sorting out problems.


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    A further update. I have now found a work-around but it requires two other programs - photo editing and a desktop publishing program.

    Open the 'Manage Historical Events' in FTM and take a screenshot of a section of the Events and bring that into the Photo Editing program. Here just crop the screenshot so you now just have an image of the Events, and save this cropped image. Now open the next program, the desktop publishing one and import the cropped image and enlarge until fills the width of the page. Continue to do this until all the Historical Events in FTM are now showing in the Desktop program. To give you an example you have to take this action around sixteen times and I now have four A4 portrait pages of Historical Events in FTM that I will now start to edit to my personal preferences.

    One thing though that I should highlight out of all this is that I have discovered that previous changes and additional Events I have made to Historical Events, at some stage have got lost. Probably will also report this to FTM and so when future upgrades take place, any changes one has made to Historical Events hopefully are not lost.



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