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Thread: Lineage duplicated in Ancestry Report

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    Lineage duplicated in Ancestry Report

    I'm using FTM 17. In an Ancestry report, the initial entry for some people, but not all, is duplicated. Here is a direct copy of my own entry:

    G A W8 (James Arnold 7, William Curtis 6, William Lewis 5, Conrad Friedrich 4Witte, J C D W 3Witte, J H D 2 Witte, J D 1Witte,James Arnold 7, William Curtis 6, William Lewis 5, Conrad Friedrich 4, J C D W 3Witte, J H D 2 Witte, J D 1Witte) was born ............., USA. He married…”

    See how my lineage is listed twice? Anybody have any ideas?
    Sorry, I'm not sure why the duplication has happened - hopwfully someone with an ancestry tree can help, but I have removed your personal details, and names of most recent ancestors as to put these details on line is against our terms and conditions.
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    Hi, gwittie -
    Welcome to FTF. I don't use FTM (tho I do use Ancestry's trees). So, I'll hazard a guess, and hope that a bump will catch a knowledgeable person's eye:

    I would wonder if somehow you've created a circular relationship? Is it possible that you have a descendant married to one of his distant ancestors?

    Best wishes,

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    I have just run a few descendant reports using the four different numbering systems and my reports are correct with no duplicates. All I can suggest is you contact FTM support and then click on Technical Support. If you attach an example it would be helpful. Support are excellent and should get back to you very quickly. Do let us know how you get on
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