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Thread: Goodwin

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    Thanks for that Sylvia - it turns out that Margaret Scott Heatherill (Ellis/Goodwin) , had a bother called William Lyon Heatherill, - another pointer to the possibility of a Bowes Lyon connection. Peter

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    Indeed Katarzyna! where on earth do you find this - through Ancestry? I am with Ancestry and these golden snippets are very elusive! Thank you very much!

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    If you follow the links they show where the info came from. Also if you read posts 8 and 10 you will see the free sites I used.
    The newspaper cuttings are from or but you need a subscription for that or buy some credits.
    Sometimes fmp do some good offers or even free weekends - you will see someone will post that up on this forum if that happens so keep an eye out!
    The references posted on here are just pointers; hopefully in the right direction. You need to encourage your friend to buy some birth and marriage certificates to make sure you are going along the correct lines. It is very easy to go wrong without them.
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    Intriguing but probably irrelevant - Michael Bowes Lyon married Isobel Weatherall! One letter different.


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    That is amazeballs! Thank you very much...and the Scots are so much easier to trace! Peter

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    Intriguing indeed! Thanks - I shall ferret! Peter

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