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Thread: Airplane Mode in Windows 10

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    Airplane Mode in Windows 10

    Broadband keeps dropping off, and have noticed quite often ,I seem to be in Airplane Mode?
    First of all what does it actually do, and should it be off ??? thanks


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    Not sure about the drops offs Val but airplane mode should be off.

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    Unless you are on an airplane! LOL

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    If you have a Dell machine pressing fn + print screen toggles WiFi on and off which is effectively putting it in and out of airplane mode.

    What airplane mode does;
    Airplane Mode lets you turn off all wireless signals going to and from your Windows 10 device, like Surface Book, Dell XPS or anything that runs Windows 10 OS. When in Airplane Mode, you cannot connect to any external network like the Internet, WLAN, or Bluetooth etc

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    thanks everyone , its really odd when a plane suddenly appears in the taskbar


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    finally got BT to check and the box outside had got water in again, dont know why they will insist its your equipment when it isn't.



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