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Thread: Henry Edward Puleston (1831 - ????)

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    Henry Edward Puleston (1831 - ????)

    Assistance required !

    I can't seem to get any further back with my family history .. but I would really like to uncover the mystery of what happened to my 2 x great grandfather.

    He was a master mariner and I know where he was up until August 1874 but nothing after that.
    Can anyone suggest where I look to find out where he went after that ?
    I know his seaman's certificate No. and the No. and name of the last ship I know he was on.

    Any suggestions welcome ..


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    Have you any reason to believe he was lost at sea? If so, newspapers might help but its not uncommon to have no death record in that case (at the time). I speak from experience as 4 of OH's rellies were lost from trawlers in storms!

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    Another pair of eyes can be helpful Wayne.
    Both Ancestry and Findmypast have registers for deaths at sea but are pay to view sites.

    If you put up the information you have for him on here there are lots of people who will try to find him for you.
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    Thanks Anne & Katarzyna ..
    My first thought was 'maybe he was lost at sea' ?
    But if that was the case .. and he was a Captain, then surely it would have to be reported / noted somewhere ??
    Anyway .. in case anyone has any ideas .. his details so far are as follows ..
    Henry Edward Puleston.
    Born 1831 in Chatham, Kent.
    Married in 1853 to Mary Ann Davis.
    In 1871 census, Mary Ann is listed as Head of household & Mariners wife.
    in 1874 I have details of a ship's voyage with Henry as Master.
    19 Feb - 6 Aug 1874 departed from Plymouth & returned to Swansea.
    Vessel was 'Star of the Ocean' Reg No. 44912
    Henry's cert No. 16579.
    in 1881 census, Mary Ann again listed as Head of household .. but ..
    in Condition of marriage column, the M for 'Married' has been written, then crossed out and a W for Widow written next to it !!

    I understand that there could be several possible reasons why I can't find any further reference to Henry's whereabouts / demise ..
    Lost at sea / died whilst abroad / run away with another woman & changed his name ???, etc, etc ..

    Any help or suggestions would be very much appreciated .. as I don't have much hair left to tear out !

    Sitting here in anticipation ..


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    had a look on Ancestry and FMP but not found anything new sorry, I did note a few people on Ancestry have him in their tree dying in 1869 Plymouth but that man was born in 1792???


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    The only thing I can find is from CLIP. There is a record of the Ship after 1874 on the National Archives. It may show if he was still the Master.

    Couldn't see a death at sea for Henry or that the the Star of the Ocean was wrecked or lost.

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    Same here. However his number 44912 still appears on crew lists for 1887 which is at odds with his wife's entry on 1881 census.
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    Sorry I meant the ship - was still at sea in 1887 so it wasn't wrecked. The only way to possibly see what happened aboard that ship would be to view the records at The National Archives (TNA) at Kew. You can order them to view before visiting.

    You would need to view these listed after the one you already have (1874) to see if he was still aboard
    1875 The National Archives BT99/1062
    1884 The National Archives BT99/1413
    1887 The National Archives BT99/1518
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    Thanks for that, Kat ..
    and Val, I had spotted those trees on Ancestry, too .. The death they refer to is that of his uncle, Edward (not a Henry Edward)
    the search continues ..

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    Puleston family


    I too am looking for Pulestons any info is helpful .
    Do you know if your Puleston family is originally from Wales?
    I’m looking for any of these Puleston that can trace back to Emeral Hall.
    Any help would be appreciated! I have read almost everything I can get a hold of about the Puleston family.



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