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Thread: Help In Creating a Book

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    Help In Creating a Book

    This certainly isn't the first time someone has wanted to provide a book of the family tree with photos and other narratives for the children. So, please accept my apology now for boring anyone with the assistance that I am requesting. I am just about completed to where I want to be with my research of the family through I have the photos, several narrative stories and somewhat of an idea of how I want the layout to be. My questions are due to not knowing what is available, the capabilities of what is available and what it will cost me.

    I am looking for a software that will transform my research completed through Ancestry into selected templates and formats that I can then provide to a printing company so as to make a book. I am not looking to publish some leather bound coffee table book, but I would like something that looks halfway professional. Does anyone have thoughts on what software is out there to accomplish this task? My family tree has about 700 people in it with as many as 17 generations for one portion of the tree. I have a Mac computer.

    Any comments or recommendations would be most appreciated.

    Leesburg, GA

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    You might get some tips from this page in the Reference Library, written by one of the members.

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    Excellent Help

    Quote Originally Posted by Elaine ..Spain View Post
    You might get some tips from this page in the Reference Library, written by one of the members.
    Dear Ms. Elaine, I very much appreciate your help on the thread "Help in Creating a Book". The link that you provided truly gave me an example of a simple/direct method for presenting my family tree. I liked being able to specify the specific page/section to go to so as to continue the tree for that person. This is something that I will need to have as well. Now, my next step is to insure that the book creating software will provide for that. As I have a Mac computer, my selection of software is somewhat limited and I am trying not to use a Windows emulator. I have narrowed it down to Heredis, Reunion and Family Tree Maker. Again, thanks so much for your help.
    Leesburg, GA


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