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Thread: Can anyone advise please?

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    Can anyone advise please?

    My sister has sent me a black and white photo of my parents with me and my OH (and our dogs) taken about 40 years ago. I didnt remember it existed so as I dont have any with mum and dad and us together, it was a lovely surprise

    Its obviously been taken by a timer camera as OH looks like he has thrown himself into the photo and nearly crushed me LOL, but all the same it is a happy photo and Id love to make it clearer.

    It has faded a bit and is dry, if you hold in certain lights, like wrinkles in the photo. Our faces arent clear.

    If I scanned it on to a pc, are there any programs I could use to enhance it light wise/shading to give more detail to our faces please?

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    You'd be amazed what can be done Heather but it takes some considerable faffing if you're not used to the program you are using. You could try putting it on the Photos thread ... there are quite a few skilled people who would have a go for you. The great thing is that if it is scanned you can play about for ever with copies until you get the best result and you'll always still have the original photo.
    Tip: Scan at a high resolution for the best results.


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    Thanks Anne Will have a go tomorrow x


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