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Thread: Family Crest in Western Germany

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    Family Crest in Western Germany

    I am looking for information on a Family Crest found on a walther pistol I recently came into possession on. It is supposed to be for a Family named Sonnermann or Diehl. I have done an internet search and found reference to Diehl but do not trust the internet. A picture of the item in question can be found on my profile picture. Could email a better picture if needed as trying to upload it did not work well.

    Does anyone have any idea this is associated with? I know the 6 pointed star is generally a German Characteristic on a shield, the item has a Fess or Fasces on it (the bar across the middle) and other than being common for the Austrian National Coat of Arms, is fairly common (in form) on Coats of Arms.

    I appreciate any information that might be provided about this item, kind of in the dark at present.

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    Probably should have tried this from the start!


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