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Thread: No cause of death

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    No cause of death

    How common is it to get a death cert that says cause of Death unknown, no medical attendance?? this is in 1871, surely they could have established something?


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    body decomposed?

    no obvious cause ................ eg, they would not have been able to detect a drug overdose
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    thanks for looking he was living with his son and daughter in law, so not decomposed, he must have been very healthy not to be under a physician.


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    There was no requirement for a medical cause of death before 1875. Before that, it was literally anyone's guess. The law was tightened up in 1875 and a doctor had to declare a cause of death, rather than just the informant.

    The law was tightened up because there were so many suspicious deaths and the various insurance companies brought pressure on the government to try to stop fraudulent death reporting and also murder by poison!


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    thanks OC , never mind am still thrilled to have found his death at last.



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