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Thread: Help with Ohio death of Ellen (Nell) Hogan, Mrs Thomas Straughan, please.

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    Small town newspapers loved events - let them fill in empty spots. Wonder if there was an entry in the LaPorte newspaper about the birth. Or visiting family. Thing is, if they were just temporarily there (e.g., assigned there for work), the paper/town would probably not be too interested. Alternatively, if the father were from the area, they could be quite interested. I can't remember anything about her husband?

    I didn't spot the bear the first few times I looked at the photo, either.

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    The photo with the shutters and water barrels and the pink tinged third photo (with fenced off front gardens) are both of White Row, Cowpen.
    The question is is the one of "the old homestead" of the same place???

    Most of the other houses in expanding Cowpen were purpose built terraces of brick dwellings, some of them were separate upstairs and downstairs 2 room homes, others were 4 room two story houses. And you could have both kinds within the same terrace block. I think I read somewhere that White Row was originally at the edge of the settlement, before the shafts of that particular coal mine were sunk. Note the open drain in the oldest shot.

    Janet in Yorkshire

    Genealogists never die - they just swap places in the family tree

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    The teddy bear photo is still bothering me (I was thinking about it on the hike). If the baby had been around at the time of the photo, wouldn't they have taken a photo with the baby? Instead they're taking the photo of just the bear - to me, another possible scenario would be the Cleveland family taking a photo, and sending the bear and the photo to LaPorte.

    You don't know when or who labelled the photo? I know my aunt and my mother were doing best guesses - and some of them were wrong...

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    Thanks PF - it's the little things that niggle constantly ("something not quite right") that have us chewing away until we get it sorted. I guess that's what makes us family historians as opposed to family tree compilers

    With regards to the labelling of the La Porte photo, I think that was done by word of mouth between an elderly family member and my contact, who is younger. I'm sure you're right about the teddy being very significant, date wise. However, IF it was to be sent to or taken to La Porte for Ella's baby, then I don't think it would be the baby's mother (Ella) in the photo (I have for some time had doubts about it being her, but difficult to assess with her being sideways on.) I think the photo has been passed down through Ella's family, or possibly Kit's - no-one researching seems to have any photos of Nell Straughan, her siblings or parents, or to be a direct descendant of this strand. (If only!) IF the contact gets back to me over the "old homestead conundrum," then I will take up "teddygate" with her.
    As far as I know, Ella's husband was a Cleveland boy, so I think it was probably his work which took him to La Porte and then back to Cleveland, where the daughter was born and where he died. As far as my contact knows, no other family member ever came to England on a visit, and there are no tales of any member of the Northumberland strand ever going to Ohio to meet up with distant relatives.

    I think the labelling on the old homestead snap was done by Kit, and the discovery of the ancestral home (!) possibly one of the highlights of her trip. By the time she came over, her two daughters had married and had their own homes, which is why she travelled with her 9/10 year old son. My contact said Kit had always had enough money to do whatever she wanted, unlike her siblings.
    She travelled in 1925 - her father William had died in 1924, uncle Robert Hogan had suffered a fatal accident in 1910, we think aunt Ellen (Mrs Straughan and the original subject of this thread) was long deceased, so the only surviving member of the "old family" was aunt Sally in Northumberland.

    Thanks for your interest - great to have someone with whom to discuss and mull over possible scenarios.

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    Janet in Yorkshire

    Genealogists never die - they just swap places in the family tree


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