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Thread: Untraceable Father on Marriage Cert

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    Some of my favourite genealogy treasures are what my ancestors tried to hide!

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    Kathy: That looks like the right baptism for Berry H. I see that Greenfield, her given birthplace in censuses, isn't far from Upperthong. She seems to have shaved a few years off her age though, going by each census, which has her born nearer the turn of the century. Just working backward looking from the latest posts on here. Thanks for your work

    Vera: Thank you for noticing James France next door to my Elizabeth and pursuing it!!
    I hate Windows 10!! All the laptops have slowed down because of it, and there are glitches and lack of compatibility! Why do they keep promoting it for everyone, when so many machines just don't have the hardware to cope with it well? Difficult to get a new one without W10, very frustrating!!

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    Bettye's parents were living in Upperthong when she was baptised, I also found a possible brother, Jonathan Hinchcliffe baptised in Holmfirth/Almondbury in 1799, his parents (John & Hannah Taylor) living in Hey in Thong. Sorry if I'm repeating what's already been found.

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    Just noticed a James Hinchcliffe is staying in the same building/household as Christopher and Betty in 1841, he's a cotton peicer, born abt 1816 in Lancs.

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