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Thread: Anybody improve this please

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    It should Val. Try downloading it again to make sure you have latest version and definitely AdBlockPlus rather than AdBlock.

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    When I Google there are several versions of Adblockplus available. Which one do I choose please?
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    This one is for Firefox Chrissie

    looks like this one is for chrome but dont take my word for it

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    This is the one for Chrome. It has blocked 275 since I added it this afternoon. Could be that high cos I was reading the local paper online in peace just for a change!

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    just to say thanks to Alan for trying to restore my invisible photo ,much appreciated.
    I also just checked and I only had adblock, so now have adblockplus on browsers.
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    Still can't see the photo in this thread Val. Am no use with photo improving myself, just nosey to see what the photo was.

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    hi Galloway I sent it to Alan ,as photobucket would not let me put it on here? its just one of me and Tom when young and slim

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    Oh don't remind me LOL. I need to shift loadsa weight. Have been given the big warning. I am what is called pre-diabetic.

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    no but I should lose about a pound we should never have bought a Bungalow stairs are so good for keeping fit.
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    Wow thank you - I followed the Chrome link but it seemed to know that I was on IE and downloaded it for that. So far it seems to have helped. I got on more quickly but I still can't get the bit up with the links. However, I have tried the tip from GL about using the share link and it worked - to prove it here is a spring flower to say thank you

    OOps it's a bit large lol
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