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Thread: Record Office: birth records in St Louis City (Kirkwood), Missouri

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    Record Office: birth records in St Louis City (Kirkwood), Missouri

    Can someone go to the library or the St Louis Vital Statistics Office and look up the birthing records of my grandfather Martin Jennings Murphy? He was born sometime in August of 1896. Can you please give me information about his parents and other vital pertinent information? And if you can send a photograph, please send it to email address removed. Possibly you can give me a direct URL link into these records? I am much obliged and thank you ahead of time for this favor in helping me reconnect with my past.

    dmmurphy I have had to remove your email address in line with Forum policy, anyone able to help will be able to contact you by personal message. Jill
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    Hi, & Welcome to FTF!
    FamilySearch Wiki indicates that the records may actually be held at the St Louis Public Library:
    St. Louis Public Library owns these microfilm birth record sets:

    St. Louis, MO Birth Records, 1870-1910
    St. Louis, MO Index to Register of Births, 1910-1929
    St. Louis County, MO Birth Certificates, 1883-1910

    You could try contacting the Library directly to ask them if there are volunteers who will retrieve the record for you. Google could probably help you find their web page.

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