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Thread: Jewish connection?

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    I am going to need some serious time for sorting out all the thoughts/ideas/records from you all!! I'm pretty tied up this week but that will be my plan for next week. It looks somewhat daunting but has not only answered a lot of question, but also thrown up quite a few more!!! Fantastic! Thank you so much for all your help, friends.

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    Hi colliemag,
    i am wondering if you still follow the forum posts. I am keen to know if you got any further with the Ryder/Lazarus puzzle. I think there may be a common link with my family background and Harris Ryder

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    I am still trying to unearth my great grandfather's birth certificate. He was known to our family as Harry Ryder. All the censuses from 1881 (none showing is existence before that) show him as living in Solihull area with his "wife" Maria (yet to find evidence of a marriage) with various children (six in all over the ensuing years). It is consistently stated on these records that he was born in Retford Nottinghamshire around 1842. There is only one Harry Ryder (Henry) born around that time according to the GRO and that one had a family from Lenton (mother Annie)whom I have ascertained from a descendant on Ancestry is her relative who died in the 1960's. My Harry (really Harris according to me late grandmother) only died in 1908 (record for that). He was 12 years older than Maria. They started having children in the late 1870's, the first two in the USA and the rest back in Solihull. Why would he keep stating that he was born in Retford if there is no record of that ? I know that this long post about Harris Ryder/Lazarus states that Betsey gave birth to her Harris out of county (Leeds) and am still thinking that there is a link here. There are more reasons for expecting this, but can anyone suggest a way he could have been born in the UK without some sort of record being made of the event? Such a puzzle!

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    Desperately seeking

    There was no penalty for non registration of birth in 1842 so he may simply not have been registered.

    I see that the one born in 1842 was also illegitimate. Are you absolutely sure he is not yours?



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