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Thread: medals

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    I remember seeing my grandfathers medals when I was a child ,so he did receive them .


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    If you join the British Medal Forum and ask a few pertinent questions you may get the answers you require. No problems in joining and there is no fee.
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    Grumpy ,
    Thanks for advice, will get on it asap.

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    thats awful Guy hope you get them back one day, have you tried maybe putting a post about them on FB its amazing what can happen on there.


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    I have the same issue with my grandfathers WWl medals. When he died and my grandmother remarried, her new husband sold them for money to buy drink. There is a website called You can advertise on here for missing medals and it would appear that they have reunited quite a few people with missing family medals. I think it was about 3.00 per year to post the advert (sorry no pound sign on my usa computer).

    Hope this helps.

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    Update I have just had confirmation today that my advert for my Uncle's medals has been listed on the website.

    The site owner suggests that they are listed as lost in case nervous collectors panic at the use of the word stolen if the medals are now in the hands of a “nervous” collector, then they may become too paranoid to contact us and the medals may go “underground”.

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    Hoping you get a result Guy.

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