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Thread: Offering free assistance on French Genealogy

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    Hello Romain!

    I was wondering if you have access to any French newspapers around 1905-1940? If you do I wonder if you could kindly look and see if you can find anything related to a mrs Alma Regina Osgood? She was an upperclass lady who went to France a lot. I know that she went there once for the American Red cross to a place called Pessey and also spent time in Le Havre and Le Verdon. She was the kind of lady that was out in sociaty and the public eye a lot. Her husband was John Cleveland Osgood, at the time they married he was Americas fifth richest man. We do have A LOT of info about Alma Regina from when she married Osgood. But not so much before that. And her time in France is really a time that I don't know much about.
    Any, any help you can provide will be greatly apprechiated!
    Best regards,
    Victoria Lundberg, Sweden


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