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Thread: How do you get from burial record to actual grave?

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    How do you get from burial record to actual grave?


    I have the parish records for various ancestors but I don't understand how to turn this information in to a tangible clue as to where I could go find their grave. Here's an example:

    Record_ID: 249874
    Entry_Number: 1383
    Year: 1929
    Month: Nov
    Day: 16
    Surname: COOPEY
    Forenames: Sarah
    Residence: Ruardean Hill
    Age_at_death: 48 years
    Officiating_Minister: G R Newman Vicar
    Event: Burial
    Register_Reference: P109 IN 1/14
    Page_No: 173
    Parish_Chapel: Drybrook
    Soundex: C100

    I know Drybrook is an area in the Forest of Dean, but when it says "Parish_Chapel" does that just mean she is buried somewhere in the parish of Drybrook? Or does it mean THE parish church of Drybrook, or is it the name of a chapel?

    Even if I find out where Sarah is buried, would I literally call the chapel themselves to see if they know where she is buried? If she is listed?

    Sorry to ask such basic questions, but it is a mystery to me!

    Thank you
    Rachel x

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    not sure if this thread on the FoD forum helps in any way -

    - if not may be post on their forum asking if there is a plan of the churchyard available.

    I am not sure if the Register reference in the example you have given is a plot no. - it may be as the two entries we found had the same reference despite the burials being a few years apart.
    With a plot number and churchyard plan you may be able to find the burial place, although whether there is a marker or not is another matter!

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    Thanks both.

    When I click on the links within that FOD article they take me to the homepage of FOD, and I can't find them within the website. Any ideas?


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    I see what you mean about the links. Why not send a PM to Jeff who posted the comments - he seems to be a fairly active member so may be able to point you in the right direction.

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