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Thread: Alexander RANKIN b. 1798 Renfrew, Scotland

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    Question Alexander RANKIN b. 1798 Renfrew, Scotland

    I am looking for any information about the above man. The info I have is follows.
    Alexander RANKIN B. 1789 Paisley, Renfrew, Scotland D. Aug 1867 Nelson, New Zealand
    Father: Alexander RANKIN B. 1773 Paisley, Renfrew, Scotland
    Mother: Robena FORSYTHE B. 1777 Tobermoray, Isle of Mull, Scotland
    Wife: Elizabeth CALDWELL B. 1794 Renfrew, Scotland D. Oct 1879 Nelson, New Zealand

    ANY info on his parents Alexander and Robena would be very much welcomed. I know about Alex Jnr's family

    NZ Girl

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    Hi and welcome to the forum!

    I put Alexander sr's name in to familysearch and this came up..
    They're coming to take me away haha hee hee..........

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    Thank you, sadly that does not show Alex Snr and Robena. I can not even find any mention of them.

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    Hi having been doing some searching on Scotlands People for you, but it has left me scratching my head no sign of them.
    Had a look on Ancestry for them heaps of Trees on them the only thing different that I can add is,
    Robena & Reubena Forsythe - Mcleod born 1797 Tobermory, Isle of Mull.
    Alexander and his family left Gravesend, Kent on the Tyne 25th March 1841 arrived N.Z 8th August 1841.

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    I have done a search for Alexander junior,s mum Robina and have found 1
    Robina Rankine was buried or died 29th April 1831 in United Apociate Church Yard.
    Falkirk, Stirling.
    Not sure if it is her but this the only one on Scotlands People.
    Will look for her husband now to see if a Alexander Rankine-Rankin die in the same area.lizzy

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    There are 2 Alexander Rankines bury at Falkirk, Stirling
    Alexander Rankine died or buried at Relief Church Yard 14 September 1823
    Alexander Rankine died or buried 10th August 1827 no Church Yard mentioned.Lizzy

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    You saint!! Thank you that is much more than I could find. Sadly I have no credits left on Scotlands People so I couldn't check. This is a possible match. Wonder why the Mum was so hard to find and what is up with two surnames. This hobby is so frustrating sometimes Thank you so much for looking

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    Really depends who is recording the surnames at the time of Registration, base on if it was a English person or someone from a different district on how it would be recorded. Bear in mind Alexander and Robina would have spoken Gaelic or Doric and broken English of a sort. Hard to understand on a good day, my husband was from the Highlands and spoke all different forms of Doric and Gaelic. Alexander most probably could not even write as for Robina she was from the Isles totally different again, so do not be concerned about their last name being slightly different. Dont ever give up on searching its fun and someone on this site will always help if they can.Lizzy

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    Thank you very much. Never thought they wouldn't speak English, guess I take that for granted.
    I can not even find the Church where she was buried, was hoping still there so maybe I could e-mail them. Does anyone know why she was a Forsythe and McLeod??

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    No I have had a good look at that, the only conclusion I came up with is that she was from a family of Forsythe of the Clan Mcleod. There were heaps of things going on back then like the High Land Clearances. And were Robina came from they were very Clanish even today. Bear in mind you are going back over 200 years things were Oh! so different back then. I have a friend from Scalpey, Herberdies even today he is very Clanish.
    Had a look for the Church she was buried at but could not find it either. Lizzy

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