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Thread: another request for help

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    another request for help

    i need a fresh pair of eyes, i am trying to locate Humphrey Pountney Chesshire b 1823 Kings Norton Warwickshire, Father Barnabas Chesshire. I know he was a reverend and graduated from Cambridge peterhouse college.

    I am trying to find him in 1851, i think he was in manchester at this time
    I am also trying to find his marriage to louisa may Wright.

    Hope someone can help again


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    I cannot see him on Ancestry, but there is a known issue with some of the 1851 Manchester census records which were damaged and are not available on Ancestry.
    I think some of the damaged records were filmed and indexed by the Manchester FHS and I thik they were made available on Findmypast.

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    thanks Elaine i will have a look there.

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    Manchester Courier and Lancashire General Advertiser - Saturday 05 July 1851


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    Found him in 1851 thank you so much still no sign of the marriage will just have to keep looking for now.

    Thanks again


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    Hello, Humphrey hpc to lmw.JPGPountney Chesshire M.A. married Louisa Mary Wright in the Holy Trinity Church in Jersey on 25 June 1851.


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