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'commissioner of dover' 12 boys 19th century 71st regiment 71st regiment of foot 93rd foot 1765 1819 1822 1851 census 1852 1871 1881 census 1891 census 1901 1901 census 1911 1911 census 1917 1918-1940 1920 probate value today 1930 2011 a2a abraham access to archives account access add father prompt address admons adoption adoption records adultery advice africa agency age of consent air ministry aisthorpe albert jones from brum albertland aldershot aldgate alfred butler alfrick alias allen altofts ancestor ancestry annulment antipas antrim any suggestion apothecaries appeal approved archives archives nz archway armagh army arthur newton arthur sherwell ash ashman askrigg assessment books assuage asylum asylum records atkins auckland australia avebury manor history avri ayrshire baedeckers baker bal maidens bankruptcy baptise baptism baptist barnados barnsley baronetcy bastardy bates bath bathorn bathorne battle of trafalgar baxter narraway bayerlein belfast bennet beyerlein biblewoman bilton biographies birlingham birmingham birth birth certificate bishops transcripts bivri blackburn black sheep index blackstock bmd bmd registers boag bodmin boer war bond bonner born on boston lincolnshire bottle brann braswell braun brawn breton brickwall brick wall bristol british british army british columbia british origins british telecom broham brooke brookes brookshier brookshire brother-sister marriage brunel burial burial index burial look-up request burnby burton on trent butterfield byrne cambourne cornwall campbell canada canal people canon law captains register cardiff cardiganshire carmarthenshire carolinas cartes de visite cashel casley cassley catholicism catholic society cemeteries cemetery cenotaph census census: ireland census references central criminal court certificates chain making chambers chancery division change of name channel 4 chapel charles edward braun charles smith charlotte foster chart chart drawing algorithm charting charts chatham cheshire childbirth children childrens homes cholera chollet chollett christchurch chronological church churches citation cityark city of london civil registration clark clarke clayton clifton clive closed adoption cloyne coat of arms codd cohen collins colwyn bay combat reports commission computer congregationalist congreve connor constance convicts cooke copp copyright cordwainer core + cork cornwall coroner court courts cousins crew crimes criminal croix de guerre crossing cumbria cunningham curragh camp curtis cuthbert rutherford cwgc d-day dalzell damaged census damaged records daniel data database dates davies davis dawley 1812 death death duty registers death records decree absolute demonyms dentist derby derbyshire marriage deserters dick family diehl dinan diseases disinherited relatives dissolution of marriage divorce dna dna matching dnb dobbs docklands doctor documents online doncaster donegal dorset dover dr barnardos drouin collection dr william's library dublin dunkirk duplicates eddie edith edward egypt eichborn eighteen elder electoral roll elie elizabeth elkin elsham elvin emigration enforcement england england family english army engraving enumeration district epidemics essex ethel evans events facestree factory family family division familyhistorian family history family history online family history research. family history society family history wizard family research family tree family tree algorithm family tree maker family tree maker 2010 fareham father fenemore ferry fess fever ffhs fidlin file association file format findmypast firefox fisher flamstead fleet marriages fmp football forbidden marriages format formatting forysthe fox fradd france france;french records france french frank frank chieco frankham evans birmingham fraser frazer freebmd freedman freeman freereg french ftm ftm2010 ftm2011 ftm 2014.1 ftm2017 fulham gale gatchapin gateshead gedcom gedcom problems gedgap genealogical programs genealogical research genealogy genealogy software general register office genetic genealogy genuki george huxley german germany giffard glamorganshire glasgow gloucestershire goethel golden gold rush goodenough goodwin ellis google books goulson gower gowland grace grave great war forum great western railway greek mythology gregorian calendar grimsby grinter gro gro ireland guildhall library guild of one name studies gwen beazley gwyer hale half-brother hampshire handwriting handwritten hanmer hardinge harley harper harries harris hartley larkin hartly larkin harvey haunchwood hawaii headstone helen hughes helie hemmings hemsworth hendry henry henry goldsmith henry goldsmith clark heraldry heredis herefordshire hertfordshire hessle hickford hidden ancestors highbury hill hine hispanic surname historical books historical newspapers hms temeraire hms victory hobby hoey hoggins home children honey hopkins hornigold hough howitt family how to search hugh wallis huguenot hull humphries hundreds hunt hunter marriage huntley huxley ici ifhf igi illegitimacy illegitimate illford essex immigration incorrect name indentures india infirmary inquests install intestate inventories ipod ipswich ireland irelind irene hannah irish irish research irish times irvine isle of man islington italian italian ancestry italy jamaica jane huxley jane langstroph jane langstroth janpetter us january 2009 jarrow jenner family jewish johannes vankirk thompson john brett john moss johnson jones judaism karen keeble kent kerry kew keziah kilkenny king charles the martyr kingston lifecycles kingston upon thames kirkham kirkpatrick knights cyclopaedia kuhnle lafleche lake lancashire land registry languedoc latin latter day saints law lds lead legac legacy legal leicester;french letters of administration levine levitt library licensed victuallers light infantry limpsfield lincolnshire link linton liverpool live search books llanelly llewellyn lloyds of london lma local records london london city londonderry london gazette london marriage banns longfield longford lost cousins louisa mary braun louis pique lovell lunn lynch mac macaulay magazine maidstone manchester manley manorial documents margaret guldberg margaret jane morris margaret moore mariners marker marriage marriage allegations marriage certificate marriage license marriages mary mary ann cotton matchan matthews maud mauritius mayo mccarthy mccollum mcgowan mckanna mckay mckellar mckie mcnamee meakin meason medal cards medcalf medical medical records medical terms medieval medway melaval memorial inscriptions mention in dispatches mercer merchant merge merging metcalf metcalfe methodist mezey michigan miclos middle names middlesex middleton midwife migration military military medal militia attestations millo mining mining accidents missouri mitchell monumental inscription moore moravian morwitch moses robinson move moynan mozilla much marcle mudgee muller orphanage multiple spouses munnelly munro murphy mushroom green musician mutiple last names myers myfamilytree for mac mystery mythen naming patterns napoleonic wars national archives national archives ireland national burial index national library ireland national probate index naval navy nazi neale new south wales new york times new zealand noah non-conformists non conformist non parochial bmds nora murphy norfolk north lincolnshire north london norwood nottinghamshire nurse obituaries occupation 1851 occupation and date occupations october 1955 officers ohio old bailey old books old maps old photos old postcards old swinford olliver one name study online ontario open adoption ordish oregon orton overseas overseas indexes oxford ozzie pack padstow pallot's marriage index papers past parish boundaries parish chest parish clerk parish records parish registers parrot on a stick passengers passport applications pauper pay muster pcc pdf pembrokeshire pennsylvania pensions people view pepsall end perlman person id petterson phone photographs pickhills pilot pique planner pocock police police gazette polish records pontin poor law portugal powell presbyterian prestwood prevost prison prisoners of war prison records probate proni protestant protestant dissenter public houses puerperal fever pune purchase quakers quarterman quarter sessions quebec queensland quinn raf raf search railways rankin reactivation code reading records reference checking references reform. school reformation registration districts relationship report reports research researchers retford rhodesia rial richard cressett richfield ridge robert sands robinson rochester ropsley roscorla rose rosina rotheham royal airforce royal air force royal arsenal royal navy royal navy records rumors rusford russia russian ancestry rutherford ryerson index sacred heart saints names salford salvation army saskatchewan satchell saunders savage schonbeck school scollick scotland scotlands people scott scottish scottish mining scottish mining accidents scottish mining research scottish screen archive seaman seaman's ticket searchable search help seeling service records sete share sharp shearer sheepshanks shield shipping ships shirley shurmer sigerson clifford simeone simpson slaithwaite slave registers smith social history software sojourner soldiers soldiers of the queen sophia source citations south africa southall southampton spelling spencer spitalfields spouse st. mary le tower staffordshire st albans standards of proof stapenhill staples st columb stephen stephen alfred harris stephenson stevens st louis city stockton stoke newington stone stopford st pancras strabane structure subscription suffolk suffolk lookups suffolk ro lookups suffrage suling surgeons surname distribution surnames sussex svombo swansea swindon sydney tarring tattoo taverner taylor tees valley telephone directories tenner thaler guilder wage theatrical the national archives the times thompson thompson dumbarton sct thornton timeline tipperary tithe appointments tna tooting topliff tottenham tower hamlets traceline tracing family history transcribe transcriptions transgender transport travel trawlers tree trees trial tribal pages trotmans tulloch tunbridge wells turley turner twins twyford owslebury ulster unitarian united kingdom united states upload upton utah vassallo vella veneto venice venn vera robson victims vital records index vital statistics voltmer von schiller vosper voters list wakefield or kent wales walker walter war deaths war diaries war graves war memorial weaver webb weeden welsh wenlock wesleyan wexford ireland whenlock whitby whybrew william williams william thompson 1400 willis windows 10 wolverhampton women's royal air force wood family woodrow woolwich arsenal workhouse world war 2 ww1 ww1 army records ww2 wwi wylie xmas £10 poms åa111110