I've posted requests before. Perhaps a Blog might reach more. Who knows?

Researching Garner family who lived, or maybe still, live in the general area of Packington, Leicester. I'm fortunate enough to have Microfiche copies of the Packington Records. My mother was Kathleen (Katherine) Garner,(1909-1979). Father was Paulin Huggett Henry Garner (1884-1937). His father: Paulin Huggett Garner (1835-1908). His father was: John Garner (1808-1874). and so forth.

The microfiche records are pretty complete, and I do have a lot of information about their spouses and children. However, if someone has any related information regarding, or may have a relative associated with my family, please, I'd love to share what I have.

A living relative would be a wonderful surprise! Thanks for listening!