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Portuguese Ancestry ..

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    catherine was born in 1856 .. and was 20 when she married joseph ..

    and my apologies for including names of people currently alive .. which has been edited ..

    well i don't know about the 12 years .. but she may have already been with child at the wedding ..

    and i have been starting from scratch .. with the info i have .. plus my mother is doing an online search ..

    unfortunately i just don't have access to ancestry .. otherwise i'd go on there myself ..

    i have tried the rms and the other local archive sites .. such as naa .. as with ancestry .. i don;t have the finances available to continue my search online ..

    hence why i created this thread ..


      have you tried your local library for Ancestry also maybe find my past, many have it. Don't forget you can normally join any library, so if you are near enough you can cross the county boundary and try another. check out on line the resources they have available. I don't have worldwide membership and always visit library for these.

      Researching:Luggs, Freeman - Cornwall; Dayman, Hobbs, Heard - Devon
      Wilson, Miles - Northants; Brett, Everett, Clark, Allum - Herts/Essex
      Also interested in Proctor, Woodruff


        Carolyn, I think Silver lives outside the UK, so I'm not sure about free public library access to Ancestry. However, I would think that it would be available at a local LDS family history centre, which are global.

        Janet in Yorkshire

        Genealogists never die - they just swap places in the family tree


          Silver is Australian. I can only vouch for my state (WA), which has free Ancestry access both in the State Library and the local council libraries...but I would be surprised to learn that similar conditions do not exist in the other States. Of course, he may live in a very small town with no library available.
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            ha .. i live in newcastle .. (not the UK) ..

            and regularly use the internet here at that library ..

            not sure newcastle library has any ancestry links ..

            would probably have to go to sydney .. for that ..


              According to their webpage, Newcastle libraries subscribe to both Ancestry and FindMyPast. I think it is available in all their branches.


              You might be spending a lot of time there!
              Linda :)

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                Most libraries in australia have ancestry. So you should be able to view family trees and any sources they have added on there. Plus other record collections.

                As for proof your ancestor was from the azores, you will need to buy some bmd records. Nsw is expensive, but you can get cheaper copies by going for a transcription by a registered transcriber. They are listed on the registry website. I prefer to fork out for the actual image though, as some are hard to read and you might be able to recognise written words a transcriber couldn't.

                You can't progress unless you spend some money, or if someone has a copy of the bmd's on their ancestry tree. Family history books are riddled with mistakes and you will have access to records now that the authors wouldn't, thanks to the internet.

                Start with the marriage record, as the information is given by your ancestor. It will tell you if he was married previously, where he was born, his age and his parents names. If the information isn't detailed or specific, start getting the children's births as his birthplace is recorded on their records.


                  i have no record of his birth cert ..

                  trying to find marriage cert .. they married at a cattle station .. being tulcumbah .. near lake keepit ..

                  and .. their children of birth order is:

                  this is from a letter to me, by my fathers auntie ... and that of the family tree book.

                  joseph and catherine married on aug 8 1876, at tulcumbah (a cattle station place near lake keepit, nsw)
                  their 11 children are as follows:
                  1: bridget agatha silver, born dec 2 1876 (tulcumbah), died june 25 1960 (ebbeville, in or near upper manilla)
                  2: clarinda silver born 1878, died 1975 (no other info).
                  3: mary hannah silver born 1880, married thomas riley (date and location not known), died 1976.
                  4: catherine mary silver born 1881, had 3 marriages, died 1978 (no further info).
                  5: isabella silver born 1884, (aug 31 1883 according to book), married william joseph brown, she died nov 5 1954, in newcastle nsw.
                  6: jane (annie) silver born 1887, (or feb 21 1883 according to book), married edward clarence rowe, died in sandgate in newcastle (no other info).
                  7: theresa silver, born 1887 and died 1890 (supposedly).
                  8: joseph peter silver born 1888, died 1909, somewhere.
                  9: dellavena silver born 1890, married william sidney rowe in taree in 1911, she died july 10 1962 in taree.
                  10:francis silver born april 25 1892 in manilla nsw, married oct 27 1915 to may hilda price at gunnedah, he died june 20 1966, chermside hospital.
                  11: paul james silver, born jan 17 1894 at upper manilla, married ruby levena thom march 4 1919, he died nov 3 1985 in tamworth nsw.

                  paul james is the father of pop, being joseph james silver.
                  joseph was born may 27 1927, in barraba, he married edna joan porter aug 21 1948, he died nov 19 2011.
                  joseph is the father of my father.

                  and i have found info of joseph da .. working a farm in upper manilla, which i previously didn't know ..

                  i wonder would newspapers have articles pre-1900 ???


                    there is a marriage showing in the nsw bmd indexes (free) for "joseph silver" to "catherine nowlan" 1876 in gunnedah district.


                    "trove" is a good start for newspapers, but hit and miss. it's the national library website.


                      yeah i have that reference but not the actual copy .. which i am after ..


                        Originally posted by the_colour_silver_82 View Post
                        yeah i have that reference but not the actual copy .. which i am after ..
                        which you will have to no one has a copy of it on ancestry. but they all have the date and no parents, which suggests they all have the same as you, the book. the actual record will be very informative, so buy it.


                          The State Library of NSW in Sydney has a copy of this book. see below.
                          Even if it doesn't contain your personal family I suspect it would be interesting reading re the area and the history of a place where Joseph brought up his family.
                          UMRRT reunion 1991.

                          Some of my favourite genealogy treasures are what my ancestors tried to hide!
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                            the state lib of nsw in sydney .. wow ok ..

                            and no on ancestry has a copy .. hmmm ..


                              i have to correct something ..

                              my pop died in 2010, not 2011.


                                well, I have done something I haven't wanted to do, and that's register with facebook.
                                surprisingly, It may work, finding distant relatives.


                                  visited his grave for first time today, Dec 21 '19 ..

                                  even with the temp of 44 degrees ..