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Lunn Family History and maybe Munro

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    Thats remarkable, thank you so much Julie.

    It must have taken some courage for Sarah, my great grandmother, at this time a widow, to have left England with a young son for a life in Canada. On the embarkation list Harold Ernest Lunn has described himself as a farmworker, which wasnt the case, perhaps he thought it was more appealing to the Canadian authorities in starting a new life.

    Harold and his mother returned to England at some point, Harold married a Mary Cliff and had two children in 1914 and 1922. Sarah died in 1917, in England.

    Thank you again Julie, I have found this journey to be fascinating. My starting point was not even knowing the names of my grandparents, having an understanding as to how and why we are what we are.

    I have just watched Nigel Havers on Who do you think you are, he also had a journey of discovery, father and grandfather were well to do but further generations less so, a humbling experience. One of the discoveries that rocked me was to find that Thomas Lunn who was born in 1847 and a direct ancestor, was unable to sign his own name and had an 8 year old son who was a labourer at the glassworks.
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      Vacumatic, he might have been able to sign his name, I guess it just depends on how they were asked!.. some said sign your name whilst I imagine that some might have said 'make your mark'.. which he duly could have done!

      I have found Franks death too, seems he died in 1920 [not sure if you have an Ancestry sub but Florence registered her mothers death, so I am just about to have a look to see if she did the same for her father.

      edit to add: Sarah registered his death, and it died of Cancer of the Rectum, [Exhaustion]

      Franks parents were: William Field of West Brom and Eliza Mary Tonks also of West Brom. [as per death cert]

      Name: Frank Sheldon Field
      Gender: Male
      Age: 49
      Birth Date: abt 1871
      Birth Place: w Bronwich, England
      Death Date: 5 Nov 1920
      Death Place: York, Ontario, Canada
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        Thanks for the clarification Julie. His occupation was shown as a glass gather, the person who puts the iron rod into the furnace for the molten glass, I can imagine more brawn than brains were the order of the day.


          seems florence married:

          Name: Florence Gertrude Field
          Age: 24
          Birth Year: abt 1898
          Birth Place: England
          Marriage Date: 11 Sep 1922
          Marriage Place: York, Ontario, Canada
          Father: Frank Sheldon Field
          Mother: Lunn Eliza
          Spouse: Charles Ward

          and a death:

          Name: Florence Gertrude Field
          Birth Date: 20 Oct 1897
          Birth Place: England
          Death Date: 10 Oct 1989
          Cemetery: Mount Pleasant Cemetery
          Burial or Cremation Place: Toronto, Toronto Municipality, Ontario, Canada
          Has Bio?: Y
          Spouse: Charles Ward

          I see that the bio that they have has the mistranscription of LUNN on it as LESNN, [you can edit find a grave details and correct them should you wish to]
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            Perfect Julie, thank you.


              can't spot anything else for Florence, though she must be around somewhere!.. maybe there are some records on

              they seem to cover Canada pretty well, good hunting!.. :)

              and you are welcome. :smilee:
              They're coming to take me away haha hee hee..........