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    what questions should i ask

    I have been to the parish and gathered all the information for my ancester to 1737 and as most of the earlier microfiche is in Latin ,i cannot get either his Parents or indeed if he ever was born there . Is there any way i can get further or is this a classic Dead End .do you think the people at the Parish registry Office could help ,or how would you approach this .

    Free Online English to Latin Translators


      St Demon

      Never fear, you only need to know ten words of latin to get at it all!

      Most Priests didn't KNOW latin grammar, only the words, so don't bother trying to wrestle with the grammar, it's a waste of time.

      filius = son
      filia = daughter
      puer = male child
      puera = female child
      (these two words suggest that the child was baptised later than a new born, but see what words the Vicar generally uses for most of the baptisms)

      uxor/uxoris - wife(but husband/spouse also)

      relic/at widow, widower (widower unusual)

      in/im pochia/parochia = of this parish
      ex pochia/parochia = not of this parish

      Female names are usually latinised with an "a" ending, thus
      Maria = Mary
      Jana = Jane and so on.

      Some common latinisation of male names

      Jacobus = James
      Thomae = thomas
      Guilielmi/us = William
      Johannes = John
      Rad/Radolphus/Ralph/Raphe etc = Ralph


      Randalph/Radalf = Randalph, lol.

      If you get stuck, put it on here and we will help you.



        I am already Dabbling with this