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William Rowland & family possibly of Edmonton/Tottenham not on 1901 Census

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    I think he married Alice Kiddy in 1910 and this is them in 1911 with a 3 year old nephew Alfred Edwards -
    Chrissie passed away in January 2020.


      hhmmmmm very interesting

      I have searched the 1901 census for cornwall road in tottenham, there was no terrace, it looks to me that all the even numbered houses are listed but the odd numbered seem to come to an end at 37 ?

      Could there be pages missing, certainly the low odds are still there today...... perhaps the reason why this family is not found.
      Brunswick rd is a few streets away (1891)
      Lorraine :baffled5wh:


        Originally posted by loltel View Post
        Where did the cornwall terrace info appear please ?

        (just a tottenham girl being nosey and never heard of cornwall terrace.

        if its any help all tottenham electoral regs can be found at bruce castle museam

        give them a ring, they are very helpful and show real interest.

        if not i will be happy to nip in and have a bash at the records you might need.
        there is a fairly comprehensive tree for William

        it was on here that I found the date/address
        They're coming to take me away haha hee hee..........


          Thanks everyone for your comments and suggestions. This is the first time that I've joined something like this and your contributions have confirmed some of my thoughts and given me ideas for further research. I have come to the conclusion that Constance was probably in an institution in 1901 and she and her sons are probably on the census under their initials. I have now sent for her death certificate from the GRO so I wait with anticipation as to what this will reveal. Thanks again!