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Guidance required on searching for a criminal ancestor

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    Guidance required on searching for a criminal ancestor

    Hi everyone,

    There is quite a strong belief in my family that my great grandfather went to prison for horse stealing but I'm puzzled about how best to find out if this is true.

    Being a novice at real in-depth research I'm looking for guidance from you knowledgeable souls about where the best place is to look for evidence of his crime/trial/conviction etc.

    My limited knowledge tells me to check newspapers and court records but none appear to be online and it would take a long time to search through 5 years of newspapers on microfiche (unless there is an index of some kind). Court records appear to be down at Kew and I can't afford a trip down there or pay their rates for someone to check.

    They make it look so easy on "Who do you think you are", but I'm beginning to realise that I've hit my first brick wall and some time and money will have to be spent.

    For reference, his name is George Marshall and last known address was Nettleham, Lincoln in 1911. It would have happened sometime around 1912-16.

    Thanks for any advice you can give.

    Ian Marshall.

    Hi Ian

    This might help

    Also you could ring the local record office to see what records they might hold.

    I hope this helps.


      Hi dahaniuk,

      thanks for the reply, will have a look at that.



        I have an ancestor or two who went to trial and one of the best places where I found good detail was in the local newspapers.
        Many libraries hold copies or films of local newspapers. I have found that if you give them a ring/email etc they will be able to give you some advice.

        To add - some newspapers are indexed.
        Good luck.
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          Thanks Herky, appreciate the reply.


            Is one of these links any use to you?

            That gives access to the Times Digital Archive. What would be better (probably) is the British Library C19 Newspaper Collection. It might be worth asking your library service to add that to their online resources. Hertfordshire used not to have it, but it appeared within a couple of years of my suggesting it... I don't know how many others had also asked.

            (Lucky you - you have Naxos on yours!)

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              Another useful tip, thanks very much Christine.